geometric prints

I made these using a technique called discharge (white areas) and pigment (grey) the red is the fabric color


As a senior design student this past spring I collaborated with metal artist Lindsey Eisentraut. Our piece titled 'Bound' will be shown in September here.

runway photos Bob Toy

* WE WON!!!


less is more

Jil Sander spring 09 ad (top) fall 09 ad (bottom)
stylist Olivier Rizzo, photographer Willy Vanderperre, model Natasha Poly


2 scene from "House of Sand"
3 rootsy dude source unknown


Lucas Ossendrijver

The Lanvin Homme designer in his Paris studio

Lucas' design for the French astronaut. chic. no.


Kate MccGwire

Prostrate 2005 "A proposal for an installation: a carpet containing individual 'prayer mats' of chicken wishbones, each made to standard prayer-mat dimensions; a meeting of the religious and the pagan, the bent form of the wishbone evoking the prostrations of the supplicant." -KM